Howdy, dear reader!

And welcome to my blog about machine learning and me. Mostly about machine learning though.

I’m currently trying to get a PhD from the Technical University of Munich while working at the German Aerospace Center as a research associate. This blog is my attempt to document my work in a way that might help my future me (and maybe also you), but also a place to collect thoughts and treasures from the web.

I’ll try really hard to make my posts interesting, easy to follow and engaging and explain each topic from a “visualize first, bring out the math later” perspective. Feel free to contact me, either directly through the comment sections below most posts or via email, should there be anything unclear or if you think I could help you with a concrete problem.

Have a great day!

What’s this clutter next to each post?

If you were wondering what this bag of words is doing next to each post let me explain quickly. The word with dark background is the posts category of which each post has exactly one. The other words are tags associated with the content of the post.

My hope is, that this will make navigating a growing number of posts more intuitive but will also allow to group posts by topic or tags to find things faster.